Photographer Janet Fikar seeks to share captured images of the world around us through the medium of digital photography. She has been actively pursuing photography since 2007 and enjoys sharing her Fine Art Photography with others.

Born and raised in California, Janet moved to Florida 17 years ago, currently residing in Shalimar, Florida. Her photography depicts her love of composition that draws the eye to the interplay of light, color and shadow. Other than nature photography, Janet has a wide interest of subjects which span from the majestic landscape to the micro details of a water drop.

During Janet’s career she worked primarily in the Software Development business and now, retired, she is enjoying her time expressing herself through her photography. For Janet, photography is her passion, her relaxation, her recreation and her reflection. Her camera helps her take the time to look around for color, light and shapes so that she can capture the everyday beauty of what might have otherwise been missed. She draws inspiration from the nature all around her and discovers the magic in familiar places seen with a fresh eye.

Janet’s photography has been in galleries for group shows and contests. Many of her photographs are sold in major retail chains and local souvenir shops as postcards representing the local region and the Emerald Coast. Janet has won numerous awards for her photography including Best In Show at the 2011 and 2012 Power of Photography Show in Pensacola, FL. One of Janet’s largest projects includes having her photo of Destin Harbor span a 106 foot wall section at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS).

Please note, all images in Janet's galleries are displayed in low resolution. All printed products, however, will be printed from the ultra high resolution file.

If you like to hang out on Facebook, come visit Janet at her Facebook page.

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